Failed Deliveries:

IIf you've purchased something at Laqroki and it did not get delivered, or you've inadvertently purchased the same item twice and would like to get a refund for the duplicate, you will need to provide proof of purchase.

This is done by sending a notecard to either Mallory Cowen or Winter DiPrima with your transaction details.

If you do not know how to find your transaction details, please read and follow these steps. Pictures are included to make these instructions easier to undertand:

1. Go to and Log In.

2. Go to your Account page. Look at the column to the left and find a link titled "Transactions History". It will be near the top of the column:

3. A table showing your recent in-world transactions will appear. If your purchase was made very recently, it will appear at the top of the table. You can also configure the data shown in this table by using the dropdown menus to select the range of dates you want shown.

4. Once you have found your transaction details, copy ALL of the data for that purchase; leave out only your ending balance. You can do this by highlighting the text, then hitting Ctrl + C to copy (Mac users, please use Cmd instead).

5. You will then need to create a notecard in Second Life. To create a notecard, open your inventory and click Create > New Note. The new notecard will appear in your Notecards folder with the default title of "New Note".

Please rename the notecard in this format: FirstName LastName - failed delivery, date

Here is an example:
Melanie774 Kidd - failed delivery, January 1 2008

6. Once you have created your notecard, write a brief sentence about what had happened. (Something like, "I bought this hair and never received it" would work.) Below that sentence, paste your transaction details that you had copied from the website.

To paste the information, you will place your cursor in the notecard and then hit Ctrl + V (again, Mac users need to use Cmd instead).

Check to make sure you have all the necessary data:
- Transaction Number (TN)
- Date / Time
- Item Description
- Region
- Destination
- Debit Amount

Once you have confirmed you have all of the correct information, hit the Save button on the notecard.

7. Now you will need to look up the profile of the person you bought the item from, which will be either Mallory Cowen or Winter DiPrima (see the Destination field in your transaction details). Click the Search button at the bottom of your client, go to the People tab, and type the appropriate name in the Search field and hit enter.

When the profile populates you will see a field near the bottom titled, "Give item:". Next to it will be a space that says, "Drop inventory item here." Using your mouse, drag and drop the notecard you have just created onto that field.

If Mallory/Winter is offline, you will see a blue message pop up saying, "User not online - inventory has been saved." When they log back on, they will accept your notecard and take care of your issue.

If Mallory/Winter are online, they may be busy working on something else outside of Second Life and might therefore not be able to accept your notecard right away. Please be patient, they will get your notecard eventually and will take care of your transaction issue as soon as it is possible for them to do so. :)

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